What is IHAN?

International Health Action Network is composed of individuals, groups and organizations based in other countries willing to respond to the needs of less fortunate and marginalized Filipinos. Network members are willing to participate in relevant concrete actions on global health issues and socio-cultural concerns in countries where they are based.


  1. Sharing of resources and technical expertise
  2. Information dissemination on the general situation of the people to reach out to a broader public and enjoin them to participate in concerted actions
  3. Cooperation and joint actions on health and related issues and concerns

Make a difference!

  • Respond to emergency situations needing medical care and relief operations
  • Make donations in the form of cash, medicines, goods and medical equipment
  • Participate in alternative tourism through exposure trips to different communities in rural and urban settings, highlighting the third world health situation
  • Support Community Health Workers (CHW) Support people’s issues through public information, on-line signature campaign, lobbying in parliament, petition to UN bodies, telegram barrage or electronic communications to Philippine government agencies
  • Send solidarity statements to similarly-oriented organizations on specific issues and occassions
  • Sponsor and coordinate global health campaigns in your home country in cooperation with IHAN Support a Community-Based Health Program



Membership Form

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