The CBHPs envision a Philippine society where poverty, powerlessness and all forms of oppression is eliminated. A society that fully guarantees basic rights, sufficiently provides basic needs and where all citizens have the opportunity and power to develop potentials and creativity through the democratic and participatory processes of social institutions. CBHPs envision a health care system that is nationalist, relevant, accessible and responsive to the needs of the people.


The CBHPs and institutions functioning as integral parts of a social movement, shall help lay down the foundations of an alternative health care system at the community level.


The CBHPs shall help facilitate setting up of people managed health care system at the community level and ensure mechanisms of access for all levels and type of health care. The CBHPs shall contribute to building people’s health movement that will maintain and strengthen the gains of a people-managed health care system and that of the broader movement for social change.

CBHP Strategies

Organizing and networking

Community organizing is the key to the success of a health program in the community.  The CBHPs will provide guidance and assistance to the health committed of the organization.

Advocacy and public information

The CBHPs criticize the current health care system and propagate people’s initiatives and their approaches to health care to heighten awareness of people’s health issues.

Education and training

Community Health Workers are trained by CBHPs to respond to the health needs of their communities. The training includes the understanding of the root causes of the country’s health situation, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of common diseases.

Provision of basic health services

CBHPs provide basic health services and help in establishing appropriate health structures in response to the needs of the communities.


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